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Making Dreams Come True

I have a passion for weddings!
I love playing with flowers, fabrics, textures!
I love putting my thoughts, creativity, heart and soul into a design!
I love to share LOVE, tears of joy and happiness! 

Vicky Li
Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Max Han
Sales, Marketing and Operation

Our Promise

We believe everyone's big day deserves fabulous flowers and designs, here are some of the rules we follow: 

  • Making bouquets on the day to keep the freshness of flowers, it means sometimes 2am starts...

  • Choosing the best quality materials, as we promised...

  • Getting to know our clients, being friends and making something awesome...

  • Never let our clients down, treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves... 


We love what we do. We are proud what we have achieved. To all our clients, friends, followers, THANKS for your trust, let us being the part of your Wedding, loving and sharing our works. We will keep up the hard work, that we know it was all worth it. There is nothing else we'd rather do...

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